It's A Work In Progress

Two hours extra needed each day please

Work Currently In Hand

  • Restoration of Wolsey Theatre Yamaha piano
  • Complete overhaul of Rud IBach 8ft grand piano from Needham Market. Work involves work on soundboard, re-stringing, total action overhaul including new keys and dampers. Case to be stripped down to bare wood with repairs to damaged veneer and mouldings. The final finish in black French polish. (See photos below)
  • Broadwood Grand - to be totally overhauled when water from the upstairs shower soaked the piano. (There are tide marks)! -Debenham
  • Much loved Steinway near Newmarket. Work will involve a full action rebuild, re-stringing and work on the soundboard crown. Sadly the work will not include casework
  • New Bass bridge and strings for Bechstein upright piano
  • Totally new soundboard, tuning pin plank and bridges for a Bechstein iii grand. This has the potential to be a marvelous piano
  • Restoration of a Steinway Piano which belonged to the artist "Jackson Pollock" There are splashes of paint on the case which have not been removed.
  • Re-stringing and new hammers on a Squire baby grand piano.
  • Complete overhaul of rodent damaged Collard and Collard Upright Piano marked inside "Gad’s Hill." It is possible the piano belonged to Charles Dickens. (See Photos Below)
    Mary Dicken's (Daughter of the author Charles) piano nearing the end of a full restoration. The piano had been slowly disintegrating in a barn and was the home to a rat, moths and various types of wildlife. The piano did not work at all and had various components missing (eaten). Written on the action are the words "Gads Hill", which was the home of the Dicken's family in Kent . Despite the piano having suffered "Hard Times", I have "Great Expectations" all will be well in the end.
  • Full restoration of a Knight piano for a Mr Knight of Bury St Edmunds.
  • Phew!! Two hours extra needed each day please!
  • Rud-ibach Piano

    Complete overhaul of rodent damaged Collard and Collard Upright Piano
    Complete overhaul of rodent damaged Collard and Collard Upright Piano
    Complete Overhaul Of Rodent Damaged Collard And Collard Upright Piano

    Peter Tryon

    Peter Tryon FMCM., FASC., ARCM., ALCM., AVCM., Cert Ed.

    40+ years experience. Regular visits across the county plus parts of Norfolk, Essex, Warwickshire and Scotland (Dumfries area). Tuner for the National Trust, Cambridge University, Forestry Commission outdoor concerts, Suffolk County Council schools, many private schools, piano teachers, etc.

    Fully enhanced CRB check and fully insured with £5,000,000 public liability.

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